Colour World 2017

I had never heard of colour world before until I saw something on Instagram, I found early bird tickets with a free glass of bubbly for £12! So thought I would go and try it out. 

It was close to Shoreditch, London, the venue was amazing, it was an old mot garage as you walked in there was a bar with friendly faces handing out the drinks and maps. 

So the first seminar was Trevor Sobie talking about history of hair, I was so surprised that he is such a lovely, down to earth and a inspiring hairdresser. Then he also shared his documentary about his life and how he go to were he is today.

 We then went to  Zoe Irwin’s seminar about forecasting trends for 2018/ 19 which lasted about 25-30mins. She went thought the up and coming trends which was very interesting, lots of bright neon colours, pink and fig tones. Zoe’s believes that every salon should and will have ring lights to take pictures of their work by 2018/19, also using social media to help get your work out there and seen by many. Always make sure you have a good back ground when talking any pictures to help them look more professional.

The next seminar was about strategies of building your colour column and tips for a more productive column with Carolyn Newman. She talked about the the 6 points of success also how social media and the internet has changed the hairdressing world.

The afternoon was spend walking around demonstrations from Not Another Salon, Brooks and Brooks, Ethos and many more.

 The famous Not Another Salon ladies showing us a colour bleed. 


I will definitely be returning next year! I would recommend to all the colourist out there! 


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