A Day With Dale Watkins.

The barber, Dale Watkins came to my salon Flint in Norwich on Sunday to do a training day with us. He was a really confident, funny guy. Always telling jokes and making funny comments and made us all feel at ease even though a lot of us were out of our comfort zones! I mean who wouldnt be scared about using clippers without a guard! 

He talked about what inspires and interests him about mens hair, he talked about styles from the past and the classic looks, from mods to flat tops. 

He then cut a models hair using clipper over the comb and then showed us how to cut more square on top.

We then started out on our own models, we went round as a group and found out what each of us were doing and how we were going cut the gents. 

My first model was my friend Joe. I used clipper over comb to complete the back and sides and then just used my clippers without a guard still, on the back of the hair to blend. 

Then on my second model, we went for more of a 90s style. 

It was such an amazing day and we all took so much from him! He is a very talented barber.



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