Top 5 Reasons To Go To Australia -Perth

I was really worried about the flight to Australia as I’ve never flown that far before, but to my surprise is wasn’t as bad as what I thought. We had flown with Ethad Airways and the staff were really lovely, always bring around water snacks and main meals, a good selection of films and tv programs aswell. 

I fell in love with Perth as soon as we landed and got out of the plane, it was match last year so it was there autumn but still it was 26 degrees. 

We stayed with my boyfriends sister and husband, staying 2 weeks which defiantly wasn’t long enough! 

So here’s my top 5 things I love about Western Australia 

1# The amazing beaches! 

City beach – Perth 

2# Wine tasting 

We spend a weekend in Marget River, going to all the vine yards would really recommend!

3# Victoria Park 

Overlooks Perth, such amazing views not one to miss. 

4# Swan river 

There’s a footpath and bike path around Swan river, we biked to Perth city centre and had breakfast on the way and then on the way home we stoped off at a few bars. 

5# Rottness Island 

My Favourite day was when we biked around Rottness Island! The island is so beautiful with lots of bays and amazing views to get lots if pictures! We got a ferry to the Island which took about 40mins and then hired bikes. We spend the whole day there. 



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