Where do I want to travel

I’ve been trying to put a list togther of the country’s I want to visit on my travels but it keeps on growing! I think for this time we are going to stick to Asia and Australia.  

We want to start in India and end in Australia. 

Heres my list-  

1 – India 

2 – Lao 

3 – Japan 

4 – China 

5 – Burma 

6 – Cambodia 

7- Nepal

8- Vietnam 

9- Thailand 

10 – Sri lanka 

11- Singapore 

12- Philippines

13 – Australia 

So I have 13 on my list do you think I can do it in 1 year? 

We are planing to stay in hostels for most of the trips, we want to spend most of the money we have saved on activities, sightseeing and good food instead of posh hotels. 

We been looking on blogs and we got some travel books to get some ideas of where to go. I have the lonely planet guides, is there any guides anyone would recommend? 



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