Week 4 – Living on £50 per week

So my final week of living on £50!

Week 4 –

Thursday 23rd – Wednesday 1st 

This week one of my best friends who moved to London a few years ago came back to norwich to visit, so we had a girly night out, starting the night at mine for cocktails and then heading on the city for a dance. I hadn’t been out on a thursday in ages!

I had the morning off work on the Friday so spend that time in bed nursing my hangover. In the afternoon I worked till 7pm. (Still feeling a little bit rough!)

On Sunday I cut my neighbours hairs and spend the rest of the day at virgin active gym in Norwich. I normally do cardio first for about 30-50mins then I do weights for about 40mins and a swim or just chill in the hot pool and steam room. 

Monday me and my boyfriend had dinner at his brothers and spent the evening there. He cooked a pasta bake which was really tasty.

I had cutting training this week which I cut my friends hair on Tuesday after work so was quite a late night.

I’ve been taking tins of soup for lunches from the back of my cupboards so saved some money.

So heres what I spend-

# Thursday night out with the girls – £50

# Carpark for the day as I was feeling lazy and didn’t want to walk! – £5.80 

I haven’t really done too much but I did over spend on my night out but it was a good night so it was worth it! 

Total – £55.80 


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