Week 3 – Living on £50 Per week

Sorry been a bit slow on posting my updates! 

Week 3 

Thursday 16th – Wednesday 22nd 

I have had a few days off this week with my boyfriend which has been lovely apart from the weather being so rubbish!  

I had thursday off so I got some petrol from asda after I had been to the gym (Virgin Active) which I spent nearly the whole day there, spending half of the time in the gym working out then the other half in the pool, stream room and sauna. 

I also had Monday off but went into to do my friends colour at 930 am, which was a complete colour change so took me all morning. I then met my boyfriend for lunch and coffee at Pret A Manger. 

I also had Wednesday off which we just had a really chilled day looking round some charity shops in Norwich, having a few 99p coffees through out the day.

So here is what I spent – 

# Petrol for my car – £30.00

# Lunch from the corner shop on Friday  £1.75

# Lunch at Pret A Manger on Monday – £5.00

# Take away Coffee on Wednesday – £2.97 
I Though I would also include my before and after pictures of my friends hair – 


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