Can I live on £50 A week?

I feel like now is the right time to do some serious saving, as its so cold outside, Im going to be swapping expensive saturday nights out for house partys and snuggly nights in.

Im going to be documenting what Im spending my money on. Im going to try and live on £50 a week and put the rest into my savings.

1st February – 8th February 

Week one 

So this week me and my boyfriend are house sitting and kitten sitting for my friend whilst she’s away on holiday. I have been walking to work which normally I would drive from my house which would take about 25mins, so I saved on petrol and parking! 

At the start of the week I done a food shop at Lidl as its just round the corner from my friends house. I bought a weeks worth of food and we made a food plan for our evening meals at the start of the week so we knew exactly what we needed whilst at my friends.

I spent £17.96

My food plan-  

Melt in the middle Fishcakes salmon & haddock 2 each with broccoli carrots and mushrooms mixed together with a tin of tomatoes.

Sweet chilli Salmon fillets with greek salad and feta.

Chicken curry & rice.

Chicken & veg pasta bake.

Hunters chicken with broccoli, carrots, mushrooms and rice.

My boyfriend treated us at the end of the week with a Meal out at Pedros which is a mexcian restaurant, in Norwich which was two main meals for £15, which was delicious and the portions are so big! Pedro’s is one of our favourite restaurants! 

I was really naughty this week and went to Pret A Manger twice on my lunch breaks, though I didnt buy my normal order of flat white coffee which is £2.50 instead I got a filter coffee for 99p. 

Me and my boyfriend went out for a sandwich and coffee on our day off at Pandoras Kitchen in Norwich, I had a ham and chilli jam sandwich and my boyfriend had a roast chicken sandwich. We both had been wanting to go to this cafe for ages. The staff were very friendly, we sat upstairs on a little table in the corner of the room, it was really relaxed and had a good atmosphere.

I also had an Indian takeaway which definitely was really naughty! 

I coloured my friends hair after work, I charged  £28 so I added that money on to my £50.

So heres what I spend- 

Pret coffee shop- filter coffee, a cheese croissant and berry yoghurt £6.39 

2nd time – filter coffee, coconut porridge and berry yoghurt  £5.63

Lidl supermarket- Food shop £17.96

Pandora’s Kitchen- Coffee & sandwich for 2  £19 

Tesco- Lunch for work £6.02

The Cock Inn pub- Dinner with some friends £12.40 

Indian takeaway- Ceylon chicken curry, rice and a nan £10

Total-  £77.40 

From colouring my friends hair – + £28 

Total- £49.40


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