My Top 10 Favourite Places To Travel So Far

I thought I would write about my favourite places I have been so far. I mostly travelled to places in Europe, I went further a field, to America with my parents and brother when I was a lot younger and I unfortunately can’t remember all of it so would love to go back and experience again everything as an adult. Last year I traveled to Australia which is the furthest I ever been. 

So I’ve written a list of my top 5 favourite places so far –

5# Spain – Ibiza,

I went to Ibiza with one of my friends, 2 years ago, It was my second girly holiday. We went for 6 days and I loved how it only takes 2 hours to fly there! A few drinks on the plane and your there! We were there in July so the party season was in full swing. Going to all the well know places to party such as the ocean beach club party, a booze cruise, zoo project with an all afternoon free bar, Amnesia and Pasha. We stayed up all night and slept all day by the pool. Would definitely recommend if you’re looking for a party holiday.

4# Greece – Crete 

I have been to Crete twice and I love nearly everything about this island apart from a few bad smells and not flushing toilet paper down the loo, but don’t let that put you off! The scenery is beautiful, with sandy bays and clear waters it really is amazing. The greek people are always lovely and friendly, whenever we went for a meal the staff would come with the bill and a free dessert or a shot of raki. I would really recommend having a meze and eating the fresh fish! 

#3 Poland – Krakow 

Krakow was such a lively city with its amazing builds. We stayed in the main square in Krakow, our view from the hotel room was beautiful, with horse and carriages and the markets below. We stayed for 3 nights, we spent a whole day just walking around taking everything in! Taking a day trip to the salt mines and Auschwitz was very interested and moving, I would really recommend both but going on separate days as it was a very long day and you do feel very overwhelmed after Auschwitz. We also went on a pub crawl which they do every night of the week, we met them in the main square, it was such a good way of meeting new people from all different country, playing beer pong and a free bar for an hour was all part of a good night! Would definitely recommend!


Centre square
Salt mines


#2 Hungary Budapest 

Budapest was my first city break with my boyfriend, we stayed near the Jewish quarter, there were so many beautiful builds and architecture. The  Széchenyi thermal bath was one of my favourite places, open until 10pm so you can even go after a full day of exploring! Hungarian State Opera House was also one not to be missed, we went on a guided tour around the opera house which was very interesting. If you like a drink then the ruin pubs are for you, so quirky and different. One of our days we spent walking around just to have a explore, getting offered a lot of guides tours on buses and boats, we choose not to as we felt we would see more by walking, we came across the great market hall, then thechain bridge, Hősök tere major square with landmark statues and St. Stephen’s Basilica, there was so much to see.


thermal baths
Ruin Pub


1# Australia – Perth 

This was the longest flight I had ever been on, I thought it was going to be a lot worse than it was! I couldn’t believe I was on the other side of the world! I loved how free I felt when I was there and being so close to the sea. It was march when we went so I was really in need of some sun and warm weather. It was their autumn but still the temperatures ranges from 24°c – 30°c. Staying at my boyfriend sisters, she showed us where to go and what to see. Spending an afternoon walking around kings park with views all over the city, after a morning at the beach was amazing! Seeing so much wildlife koalas at a koala park,  kangaroos and lots of different types of birds. It seemed like everyone was so active, with lots of cycle tracks and foot paths. We cycled in to the centre of Perth along swan river along the footpath stopping at cafe’s and bars along the way. We also had a day trip to Rottnest island which was so beautiful, we cycled around the whole island which pretty much took all day there was hardly any cars on the island so you don’t have to worry about cycling on the road the views were really amazing. If you like trying different wines then a trip to Margaret River is a must with so many wine vineyard’s and winery’s,  there is also many different bays to go visit as well, we stayed three nights.  Only staying in Australia for 2 week was definitely not long enough! I want to experience way more of Australia so I will be returning!

Kings Park
Rottnest Island
Rottnest Island



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