How am I saving to travel the world?

I am planing on saving for 1 year before going on my travels..

My target to save  – Between £7000 – £8000

Time –  1 year 

How much a month to put away  – between £400- £600

How long to I want to go travelling for?  –  1 year (hopefully!)


Ways I am going to save   –

Take pack lunches into work   –  Stop buying lunches from cafes/ restaurants and snacks which I do not need! Doing a big shop and making salads, sandwiches and wraps to take in. 

Share lifts to work  – Sharing lifts will help to save on petrol. I am only going to be filling my tank once a month which costs about £40. 

Stop going in to clothes shops on my lunch break –  On my lunch breaks or before work, after work, anytime I can, I love to go shopping for clothes, this has to stop in order to save! 

Second hand – If I need a shopping fix, charity shops are the only place you will find me from now on. 

Movie nights in –  More Saturday nights watching movies on Netflix instead of going to the cinema.   

Less Alcohol –  I am currently doing dry January which I have noticed I have saved a lot! I’m not going to completely give up alcohol, I love a good glass of red wine, cold beer or a yummy cocktail! I am just going cut down, so more house party’s instead of expensive bars, and less alcohol at the pub. 

Any other ways anyone could recommend would be good! 

Lets see if I stick to these! I will keep you up to date with my saving ideas and plans.



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