Where do we start?

We have been thinking about where we want to start our adventure. We don’t know where the best place to start will be, do we just dive right in and stay in a hostel in deli, India? Get right into the backpacker lifestyle or will that be too much?  And how long to stay for?

I’ve spoken to a few friends who have just gone for holidays in India and staying for 1 week to 2 weeks and they loved it. All saying its a completely different culture and way of life, and that’s exactly what we want to experience. People has also said to expect lots of noise, busy streets, different smells, lots of cows and people wanting to take pictures of you!

So we have been looking through the lonely planet India travel guide. We have felt so over whelmed with how much we want to see and how big India actually is!  We are now thinking we will need to stay for a couple of months (maybe even longer) to actually see half of the things we want to! 

 India is the place we will be starting!

We are trying to get an idea of where we want to go, I think we are planning to book a hostel for the first night then book places when we are there so we can easily change what we wanna do if we see something else or our plans change.

So any advice, tips or past experiences anyone could give on where to start in India, what to see and how long to go for would really help! Did anyone else feel overwhelmed when looking through travel books and online!?  





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